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of Óbuda University
Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Power System department
Head of Institute:
Bécsi út 94., H-1034 Budapest, Hungary
+36-1-666 5829
www.vei. kvk.uni-obuda.hu
Peter Kadar PhD
  • Subject of matter

    The power supply is one of the basic services of the present life. Beside the traditional generation-, transmission- and distribution techniques a lot of high tech application is applied, such as renewable energy sources, GSM, GPRS and satellite controlled Wide Area Measurement Systems. The power system institute teaches the traditional and the most up-to-date techniques as well for the young engineer students who maintains and develops the future power systems. The appropriate knowledge transfer covers power engineering basics, informatics and electronics areas too. The system oriented basic education is followed by flexible subjects in different modules.

    Through the continuous development of the education, the following topics gain more and more importance:

    • New types of the power generation
    • SCADA systems
    • Energy resources
    • Protection devices
    • Monitoring of high voltage equipments
    • Measurement techniques
    • Environment protection
    • Isolation techniques
    • Bidding &, contracting
    • Energy markets, liberalization
    • Renewable sources
    • Microprocessor based relaying schemes
    • Demand side management
    • Microgrids
    • Smart grids
    • Load measurement
    • Transformer monitoring
    • Power quality

    The institute has traditionally subtle industrial relation through the education, the research and the prospective employers of the students:

    • Power utilities, power plants
    • MAVIR, HOLCIM, Észak-Budai Tervező és Szolgáltató Kft.
    • Other industrial customers, etc,
  • Educational Profile

    Far beyond the basic matters as the Theory of the electricity the Institute teaches the following professional topics in the frame of lectures, laboratories, projects and specialized group tasks:

    • Energetics
    • Power supply
    • Power systems
    • Power management
    • Power informatics
    • Special energy sources
    • Relaying techniques
    • Power plant operation, etc.
  • Research and Scientific Activity

    In the frame of the Institute operates two special research groups: Research group for Energetics and Research group for the Renewable Energy Sources. These workshops perform special R + D projects contracting the power industry sector.

    Among the researchers are members of the Hungarian Electroctechnical Association, of CIGRÉ and of IEEE. The colleagues publish dozens of papers, make several presentations in local and international conferences as well.

    Among the 20 performed research project one can mention the "Renewable energy park on the roof", the "Smart metering", the "Wind energy integration", the "Measurements on medium voltage network", the "PV panel test workshop", the "Transformer monitoring" and the "Energetic audit and application of renewables in the building energetics" projects.

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